Scar Revision

Almost anyone can look better and feel better about themselves after scar revision surgery.


Surgery has risks, but you can help prevent complications by carefully following Dr. Pogue’s instructions both before and after surgery. Talk with your him to be sure you understand the potential risks and complications. If you don’t understand something, ask!

Preparing for scar revision

Scars go through a healing process that lasts for about a year. Scars will be red for a time, get tight and then relax and have a more subtle color. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Pogue after the scar is completely healed.


Because different parts of the body heal differently, recovery times and expectations vary depending on your procedure. Surgery to repair a scar on your leg may take as long as two weeks to heal, while a procedure on your face may take only about a week.

Dr. Pogue will talk with you about what to expect after the surgery, as well as how to care for your wound. Carefully following these instructions will help speed recovery and give you the best chance for excellent long-term results.

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