Cheek Implants

Surgery to place cheek implants is a procedure that helps create more prominent cheekbones and add more “drama” to the face.

Dr. Pogue most often uses facial implants to contour cheekbones though he may also use bone grafts. Today’s implants are made of materials that create a natural look and can be shaped to fit your unique facial structure.

Unless you’re having other facial surgery at the same time, Dr. Pogue will make a small incision at the top of your gums and insert the implants, moving them into place between the bone and the soft tissue. The sutures inside your mouth will dissolve in a few days.


Every type of surgery has risks, but you can usually help prevent complications by carefully following Dr. Pogue’s instructions. It’s important to talk with him before surgery to be sure you understand the potential risks and complications. If you don’t understand something, ask!

The greatest risk associated with having cheek implants is infection. Once an infection starts, implants usually must be removed and replaced. Dr. Pogue will prescribe antibiotics to help ward off infection.

Preparing for cheek implants

If you smoke, it’s important to stop well before this procedure to allow your body’s healing process to be as successful as possible.


During the recovery period, you’ll need to eat soft foods and limit talking and smiling for a few days. Pain should be minimal and can be lessened with a mild pain reliever. Dr. Pogue may prescribe an oral antibiotic rinse to help prevent infections.

After the surgery, the incisions in your mouth can increase the risk for infection from the normal bacteria in your mouth. Be especially vigilant about oral hygiene according to Dr. Pogue’s instructions.

You can expect to have swelling, bruising and perhaps some numbness, all of which should improve within three to six weeks.

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